insurance coverage for yacht clubs

Yacht clubs are special organizations. They work tirelessly to provide a variety of special services to their members. In doing so, they routinely interact with members, guests, and vendors. Because of their unique nature, yacht clubs face liability concerns that other organizations never have to think about. It is important that insurance coverage for yacht clubs cover both the rare and common liabilities that the club might face.

Yacht clubs service large, expensive vessels that float freely. Smart yacht club administrators consider the unique liability concerns that come with providing such service. When purchasing a yacht club policy, consider obtaining coverage for boats that break free, guests that fall ill after eating in the dining room, and vendors who slip on the dock.

In choosing the right insurance coverage for yacht clubs, it is imperative to work with a provider that has industry experience. In finding a maritime insurance provider, look for one with experience in dock insurance, flood coverage, and club activities protection. Because a lawsuit can shut down a yacht club, try to work with an expert insurer who can anticipate your coverage needs and insulate your organization from liability.

Given the many risks involved, there is no question that yacht clubs have special insurance needs. Obtaining the right liability coverage will provide any yacht club administrator with peace of mind.