The vision you create for your next film probably doesnt include accidents on set that damage property or result in injury to your cast or crew. Last-minute changes to the creative direction can add extra confusion into the mix. Film set insurance can help cover you for mishaps that happen on set due to these circumstances or others.

What Film Set Insurance Covers

Insurance for a film set can cover everything from damaged equipment to cast and crew hurt on set and even mistakes that cause lost footage. With more complicated sets in demand because of a consumer appetite for more heavily produced films, these potential hazards can add up more quickly. Additional gear can add more tripping hazards and possible injuries from dropping equipment and involve a higher amount of equipment that might get damaged.

What Coverage Should You Get?

You may not need a comprehensive policy. Estimate the overall cost you think of unforeseen circumstances happening on your set. Can you easily replace lost footage? If you rented equipment, do you have coverage through the rental company? What happens if someone on set gets hurt?

Accidents happen on set. Consider the different aspects of your production before filming to determine which areas make sense to insure. Then you can focus on what you do best: creating.